10 Surprising Hacks to Skyrocket Your YouTube Shorts Views

My Favorite Youtube Shorts Hacks

5 min readApr 1
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YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world and has created numerous opportunities for content creators to make a living from their passion. With the recent introduction of YouTube Shorts, creators have even more opportunities to showcase their creativity and reach a wider audience.

We will explore the top 10 YouTube Shorts hacks that can help you optimize your content and increase views.

I have tried these hacks in my Shorts channel.

Screenshots of my channel analytics.

The inspiration for this article comes from a fantastic YouTube video created by the “Grow Your Gaming Channel” channel. The video dives deep into the top 28 hacks to help you grow your YouTube Shorts channel. I was inspired by the content that I wanted to document a few of my favorite hacks shared by the creator to attempt to share the valuable insights with you all.

Hack #1: Increase Watch Time with Seamless Transitions

One of the best ways to get more views on your Shorts is to increase the amount of watch time each of your Shorts gets. A sneaky way to do this is to try and loop your Shorts. Record the end and beginning of your Short so that they transition seamlessly. Instead of swiping down after watching your Short, your viewer might accidentally watch another half of your Short, resulting in audience retention graphs that are actually over 100.

Hack #2: Add Captions or Subtitles

Many of the big Shorts have captions or subtitles baked in. They do this because it tends to increase watch time, which, as discussed earlier, is perfect. Adding captions takes time, but you can use an app like the Superpowerful Editor to edit…




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