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Amazon KDP NEW Update Regarding Daily Upload Limit

Is This The Right Step?

3 min readSep 14
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Amazon KDP is one of the best platforms to self publish your books. However, in the last couple of days, there has been two major updates to the self publishing process: AI generated content and the most recent update regarding daily upload limit.

I have covered the first update and suggest 4 ways you can handle the changes to protect your KDP account.

You can access it here:

With the rise of AI-generated content, Amazon KDP has issued a new update for its “File submission limit”.

This update aims to ensure a positive customer experience and combat the spamming of low-quality AI-generated books.

In this article, I’ll dive into the details of this update, its potential implications, and how it might impact self-publishing in the future.

Understanding the File Submission Limit Update

You can now find information regarding the file submission limit update on the KDP Help Center webpage.

Here is how to access the update:

  1. Click on “Format Your Paperback” on the left menu.
  2. Select “Paperback Submission Guidelines” under this subject.

The update states, “To ensure a positive customer experience, we limit the number of books a user can submit for publishing simultaneously and within a specific period.

If you expect to publish many books regularly, please get in touch with us to inquire about an exception.”

This announcement is a step in the right direction to curb spammy practices within the KDP community.

Amazon KDP now allows authors and publishers to upload up to three books per day. This change clarifies the daily upload limit, allowing creators to plan their publishing schedules more effectively.




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