How To Discover Profitable Niches: A Ninja Hack!

2 min readJun 5, 2023

Two Effective Keyword Research Methods

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In the vast world of online entrepreneurship, finding a profitable niche is crucial to success. However, uncovering untapped opportunities can be challenging.

I’ll share a ninja hack that will revolutionize your niche-hunting game. This method will help you identify profitable niches connected to thriving platforms such as Ethrive.

Understanding Profitable Niches

Before we dive into the ninja hack, let’s establish what makes a niche profitable.

A profitable niche is closely linked to platforms where websites thrive. Ethrive, for instance, is a sought-after platform that demands a significant amount of monthly page views for site approval.

Understanding the importance of Ethrive, we can leverage this knowledge to find connected websites.

The Ninja Hack

To begin our niche-hunting adventure, we’ll focus on identifying websites with Ethrive connections. A valuable clue lies within the disclaimer found on almost every Ethrive-connected blog.

  • By searching for the phrase “not now a receptive partner’s site” on Google, we’ll generate a list of websites displaying this disclaimer in their footers or…




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