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Publishing On Amazon KDP? Here Are 3 Profitable KDP Keywords

KDP Keywords For Low Content Books: Journals & Logbooks

5 min readApr 28, 2022


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To help self-publishers get started with Amazon KDP, I regularly publish my latest research listing profitable low competition high demand keywords every single week.

This is part 4, you can find the previous two sets of keyword bundles here.
If you sell low-content books on Amazon, you know the importance of keyword research. It can help both the algorithm and online shoppers find your book and can increase exposure and boost your overall sales.

All of the KDP keywords discussed in my weekly series are:

- Researched using multiple effective methods

- Low competition

- High demand

- A low number of current published books, making them ideal keywords.

I also frequently post videos explaining my strategy for identifying KDP interiors and demonstrations of how I approach the placement of the keywords below.

For each of the three keywords, I aim to publish between 1–3 low content high-quality books to help me rank for each keyword.

In terms of marketing the books, I rely on social media which includes a combination of Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Through the creation of a simple page on each platform, I create regular content around my niche and engage the audience through videos, polls, and reels. I have recently been experimenting with Tiktok and look forward to checking out its potential in journals and planners.

1. Fly Fishing Log book




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